Support Documentation

The following documentation is provided to support Birkin S3 kits previously imported and assembled in Australia.

As each builder can customise their cars through the build process details such as wiring, lighting and other systems may be significantly different to those depicted.


Birkin S3 Owners Manual

Bolt Torque Settings

Build Manual (S3)

Traditionally the Birkin S3 kits were sold in assembly ‘groups’ that could be supplied and assembled progressively.  It was the builders choice to use all or just some of the ‘groups’ which makes every Birkin unique.

Birkin Wiring Diagrams

Over the years Australian agents supplied wiring looms from local suppliers and the Birkin Cars factory loom.  The following diagrams are for the Birkin Cars supplied looms and exclude variations that may have been incorporated to meet Australian Design Rule requirements or particular engine installations.