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Building your own car remains one of the most rewarding experiences for the enthusiast.  In Australia all home-built & kit cars are required to meet a combination of State and Federal Government requirements which can be incredibly complex.

Birkin Sportscars assembled from kits are considered to be an “Individually Constructed Vehicle” (ICV), builders need to comply with the Australian Design Rule standards and their own states registration and roadworthy requirements.  Most states in Australia support the National Code of Practice (NCOP) governing light-vehicle and ICV modification and construction.

All kits should be assembled in line with the requirements of the Australian Design Rules with State registration authorities unique requirements overlaid.


Australian Design Rules (ADRs):

Available online  the ADRs provide minimum National standards for safety anti-theft and emissions.  While NCOP allows for relaxation of some requirements builders should expect to be able to clearly evidence their vehicles compliance in all areas.

National Code of Practice (NCOP):

Otherwise referred to as VSB14 the National Code of Practice provides a framework for State registration authorities to inspect and register vehicles that may not meet all ADR requirements.  Each state applies the NCOP in a unique manner and often what is deemed acceptable in one state would not be acceptable in another.

State Government Resources:

The following links are provided as starting points for builders to understand their states unique registration processes.  While Birkin Sportscars can assist with general advice builders are advised to seek direct advice on the process from their states registration authority.